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Travis Breitenbach

A buddy of mine joked, “Jerry is doing God’s work,” and that’s not far off from how I’ve felt when he’s helped me through some trying moments of gear failure.

I’ve had nothing but great experiences with JayCee Communications. The quality of service is excellent, the turnaround is fast, and the prices are fair. It’s been an improvement for me over the already above average service provided by the manufacturer. In particular, the clarity of communicating with Jerry about equipment issues, repair solutions, and timelines has been very reassuring.

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Tom MacDonald

Jerry is the best at what he does….works quickly and efficiently, knows the equipment as good as if not better than the manufacturer. He is so professional and FAST that I never think of sending it to Lectro for service. Everyone I know in the radio community knows this because Jerry has built a business by reputation, and is the go to center for wireless service.

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Frank Intorcia

I couldn’t be more happier with the work Jerry did on my lectrosonics wireless units. He re-tuned over a dozen of my units in less than a week and they all work perfectly. He was able to cut to the chase and get things done and with our brief conversation he was one of the most knowledgeable technicians I’ve ever had the chance to work with. 5 STARS!

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Battery Issue

I often receive calls claiming the unit repaired “eats” battery’s and they only last 1-2 hours.

After further investigation (multiple times) turns out user has old stock. Mainly with 9v batteries. In our experience energizers last longer (5 hours+)

If your “use before date” is not for at least 3 years it’s old stock.