Larry A. Bollinger/Hillcrest Video Productions, Durango CO

I bought my Lectrosonics wireless system in 1994. By 2010, its frequency wandered, resulting in a sibilant slurring of high frequency sounds. So I sent it off to Jerry at JayCee for repair. Jerry restored the system to like-new condition and returned it to me in an astonishingly short time. Fast forward another 12 years and that same wireless system suddenly stopped working; once again, Jerry and JayCee to the rescue. This time, the microphone had worn out after nearly 30 years of service. Jerry obtained a new Lectrosonics mic at a very low cost and, just like that, my system is back up and running. It has never sounded better.
If you have any issues with your Lecrosonics gear, Jerry is the man to see. Lightning fast and dependable, I endorse Jerry’s service 100%