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Greg Murphy

Jerry has repaired over a dozen Lectro items for me the past 10 years. Always great conversation about the latest developments in the industry, excellent workmanship and service, plus FAST turnaround to get the gear back to me quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jerry for any and all your Lectro repairs.

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Travis Breitenbach

A buddy of mine joked, “Jerry is doing God’s work,” and that’s not far off from how I’ve felt when he’s helped me through some trying moments of gear failure. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with JayCee Communications. The quality of service is excellent, the turnaround is fast, and the prices are fair. It’s…

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Tom MacDonald

Jerry is the best at what he does….works quickly and efficiently, knows the equipment as good as if not better than the manufacturer. He is so professional and FAST that I never think of sending it to Lectro for service. Everyone I know in the radio community knows this because Jerry has built a business…

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Frank Intorcia

I couldn’t be more happier with the work Jerry did on my lectrosonics wireless units. He re-tuned over a dozen of my units in less than a week and they all work perfectly. He was able to cut to the chase and get things done and with our brief conversation he was one of the…

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Matthew Betlej

Jaycee Communications is always quick to answer & get the ball rolling with any Lectro repair I’ve encountered. Jaycee has always delivered incredibly quick and flawless repair to me when I’m on the move! Quick, efficient & top shelf customer care.

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Mike Hernandez

Jerry and Jaycee Comm is THE place to call if you need anything done to your Lectro wireless systems. They provide advice on what should be done and fast service to get it back to you. I have used them many times and can’t imagine going anywhere else for service.

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Alfredo R. Del Portillo

I can not express how helpful, curious, professional and FAST my service was with Jaycee Com and Jerry. We timed out repair so he would have my units when the parts arrived. They literally had them back in my hands less than a week later. Will continue to use them.

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Joe Bohannon

I’ve used Jerry several times for service and repair to all of my Lectrosonics equipment. He is generally my first call. He’s high-level of expertise with Lectrosonics systems is apparent when you speak with him, and his turnaround time is always faster than the factory. What more do you need?

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Emmanuel Clemente

Am a soundman from the Philippines, and can’t afford the new models of Lectrosonics, so I just avail of used ones from Trew or other sources in the US. Twice, Jerry has fixed 2 of my old model Lectrosonics UCR with it’s UM pair. Very recently , I got a dead UCR190/UM190B and he brought…

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