My goal is to provide the best service available for your Lectrosonics gear.

  • Lectrosonics Factory trained
  • Lectrosonics Factory Authorized repair
  • We have been incorporated since 1982
  • We have been in the Broadcast RF Business 30 Years
  • RF Engineering & Consulting
  • RF mic system integration
  • Frequency coordination
  • System stage gain analysis
  • Base line level and frequencies in use graphed via spectrum and VNA analyzer

Dropping off or shipping your repairs

Please call first, we must have an account for you. Please provide a packing slip when shipping or dropping off


NAB Time. Closed  4-9-18 thru 4-16-18 See you at the Lectrosonics Booth

Block Changes

Prices same as Factory. Completion time 1-3 weeks. Some units cannot be changed. UM400,Lma, IFBT1, UT, UM450, SMQ. Sm or SMa Limited B19,20,21 available. You will need new antennas, we match B&H Prices  

Jaycee Comms Inc

We are independent from the Factory Not part of or employed by Lectrosonics Inc

Tips for this quarter

Always remove batteries before storing your gear. In the case of SM (any version) wipe down the bottom of tx and bottom of battery door.


Winter is here, Humidity is very low Static can destroy components use grounding mats and other protection when possible.