My goal is to provide the best service available for your Lectrosonics gear.

  • Lectrosonics Factory trained
  • Lectrosonics Factory Authorized repair
  • We have been incorporated since 1982
  • We have been in the Broadcast RF Business 30 Years
  • RF Engineering & Consulting
  • RF mic system integration
  • Frequency coordination
  • System stage gain analysis
  • Base line level and frequencies in use graphed via spectrum and VNA analyzer


Alert, as of 3-10-2020 we clean all incoming units with alcohol  and  UV Sanitizer. EMS,EMT, First responders Call if you need repairs In the field Fridays, Available on the phone.  


Battery Issue

I often receive calls claiming the unit repaired “eats” battery’s and they only last 1-2 hours. After further investigation (multiple times) turns out user has old stock. Mainly with 9v batteries. In our experience energizers last longer (5 hours+) If your “use before date” is not for at least 3 years it’s old stock.

Have you Served?

If you have served in the Military, EMS, Coast Guard, First responder please call. You may be eligible for a discount. TV stations not eligible.

Jaycee Comms Inc

We are Factory Warranty and repair service center ALERT UCR411A users, special Firmware walk-in updates, special price, please call for details. We are  Fanatics too.

Block Changes

From today until 4-1-2020 UCR411A block change 20% Off Act now while boards are still available. Please call for details

Dropping off or shipping your repairs

Please call first, we must have an account for you. Please provide a packing slip when shipping or dropping off