Jaycee Communications Inc was created because I received a call from a new customer and he asked “are you a Company or some guy working in his basement. Ok, let’s try to answer. I have been incorporated since 1982 working on Icom radios. Also Factory authorized. We have a dedicated building for business. I have over 14,206 Lectrosonics parts is stock. We have invested $140,000 in test equipment. If you know Lectrosonics they would not make me an Authorized service center without the training, Technical ability, credentials and business sense.

Many Broadcast affiliate stations call and wonder who I am. Once we speak for a while they are relieved once they hear I was in Broadcast with ABC for 32 years and have 3 Emmys and were part of the team who designed, installed and maintained the Good Morning America RF setup since 1980. And I currently still have some engineering involvement with GMA.

My goal is to provide the best service available for your Lectrosonics gear. I do not just replace a defective part and return your unit. You get a Factory alignment, and we hand pick components to make specs. It’s always your best value to send your (set) for repair and alignment together, if you have a cube and a lav best to send all three. So far my customers agree.

We prefer to speak directly to you on the Phone. Emails lose too much in translation.